CBM is committed to innovate the legal business and to simplify, inspire and create value for both our users and partners.

The main focus of CBM is to provide lawyers and companies with a one-stop-shop for all necessary information concerning how to change board members throughout the world.

Instead of spending hours and money to retrieve information on what actions that are needed to change a board member in a certain territory, you will be able to find such information on CBM free of charge.

A schedule describing the steps, necessary documentation, timelines as well as checklists are available and to ensure that the information is at all times up to date, we have partnered with top-tier law firms in each territory present.

In short, CBM is intended to provide an overview on the actions necessary to change board members, however, CBM can in no event – and does not purport to – substitute legal advice. Accordingly, CBM has made it easy for you to receive non-binding fee quotes from each of our partner law firms providing the information in the territory in which you are looking to change board members.